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Sam Leone Beach Park Nature Play Area

Chicago, Illinois

This pro-bono effort is near and dear to us.  Literally next door to Paul's apartment building, where his own kids play regularly, we have the opportunity to work with the Chicago Park District to add a "nature play" circuit around an existing playground.

Our additions are built from a simple kit of parts including fallen trees in various configurations, and braided rope.  These combine to form tunnels, balance beams, webs, cookie steppers, and other movable ways of avoiding the hot lava surrounding this unique site.

Nodes at opposite corners provide natural gathering spaces and treasure chambers for collecting sticks, rocks, monsters, humans, and other animals.

A KIDS ONLY entrance leads through a magic hedge into another world beyond steel and plastic.

Currently under construction and slated for completion Spring 2023!

flower block stack copy.png
flower horizontal copy.png




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