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Family Matters

Chicago, Illinois

While working at Hoerr Schaudt, Paul led a pro-bono design effort for a fantastic community organization in his local neighborhood of Rogers Park.  Family Matters provides kids and teens a safe space for learning, play, and civic engagement.

Paul came up with a simple conceptual framework for a low-cost transformation of their outdoor space, and along with the rest of the team at Hoerr Schaudt, developed tools for Family Matters to engage the community, raise funds, and hire contractors to create their dream yard.

The yard is left open for maximum flexibility in the tight space, bookended by a wooden stage platform (with tension cable curtains) on one end, and a sturdy raised vegetable bed on the other.  Every wall and fence is an opportunity for a mural, a hanging plant, or a musical instrument.  Stumps and other movable furniture can be stored within existing storage capacity, and allow the space to instantly transform into a performance venue.

The Family Matters team has big goals for how their space can contribute to the neighborhood, and it has been an honor to help realize this vision.

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