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Bucktown Home

Chicago, Illinois


This client wanted a fresh and welcoming new identity for the face of this city home, as well as a place on the rear garage deck for cooking, dining, entertaining, and lounging with the family.

In the front yard, a magnificent 5-foot tall custom acrylic pink heart sculpture rises from a cloud of boxwoods to greet the neighborhood, separated and protected from foot (and paw) traffic on the busy sidewalk by an elegant stone curb and museum-style bar rail.

In the back, we repainted and re-clad an existing pergola skeleton frame to create a magical enclosure with new louvers, hanging fairy lights, and hanging planters overflowing with ferns in the warm months, and cut evergreens in the winter.


We converted an existing banquette bench into a connected bench/planter with a large shared soil volume for two flanking wisteria vines, providing a rare opportunity for woody vines to thrive in a rooftop environment.

pergola skin copy.png
2020-12-07 10.38.17.png
flower block stack copy.png
flower horizontal copy.png




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