Bucktown Home

Chicago, Illinois

This client wanted a fresh and welcoming new identity for the face of this city home, as well as a place in back for cooking, dining, entertaining, and lounging.  By repurposing, repainting, and re-cladding an existing pergola beam skeleton, we are creating a magical enclosure with colorful louvers, custom hanging fairy lights, and lush plantings in large sculptural pots.  A new built-in grill nook provides much needed countertop space while freeing up more of the deck for living (and plants). 


In the front yard, a magnificent 5-foot tall custom acrylic pink heart sculpture will rise from a cloud of boxwoods to greet the neighborhood.

pergola skin copy.png
2020-12-07 10.38.17.png


flower block stack copy.png
flower horizontal copy.png

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